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Experience a LIVE & INTERACTIVE magic show on the Internet. You’ll get a half-hour (30 minutes) of entertainment from the comfort of your home. As you watch multiple magicians on your screen, each amazing trick will open you and your family’s eyes and fill your minds with wonder.

Only $ 25.95.

In addition, your entertainment will be helping at-risk children in the slums of big cities in Latin America. That’s right! This is also a donation! Our sales of the shows go directly to support the families of our at-risk youth students in this critical time. Your little one’s entertainment will be helping other less fortunate children around the world.

Tickets are selling out fast! 🔥 Don’t miss out on this one of a kind magical opportunity.🔥


Once you buy the ticket to your show, you’ll get an email with a link to select the day and time for the performance. Next, you’ll receive an email link from Google Meet where you will attend the show (Do you like zoom better? We can use a zoom account as well).

This performance is for a single connection. Are you celebrating a birthday? Do you want to have several guests at your show? See our prices for connections HERE. Buy a ticket to this show. Once you have your ticket, we will get in touch with you to figure out a link with a surplus, if you need more connections.

Who are the magicians?

It’s a combination of Magicians Without Borders staff, volunteers, friends and of course our students! At risk kids that have been with us in our education chapters in the slums of big cities in Latin America (El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica), some of them will be amazing you with tricks from their respective houses.

What our customers are saying

Based on our user feedback, 4 out of 6 customers are recommending the show to their friends after it ends.

You can start a pay it forwards chain with this service, many of our clients have received a show as a gift. After being wowed by the magical performance they gift it to another family to enjoy. ✨START A PAY IT FORWARD CHAIN OF SMILES AND MAGIC ☺️

1 review for Magic At Home: Show

  1. carlos (verified owner)

    What a great product! You get to watch multiple magicians in your screen from the comfort of your house! Plus you see the actual social impact this creates. Highly recomended.

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