Become a Magician – Library Edition Vol. 1

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A self paced online video magic course for your patrons.

The course was fun and easy to navigate. It offers a great variety of tricks. It’s challenging but very
doable for eight year olds and up. I loved entertaining my friends and family with the magic I learned.

-Madeline, Town Hall Theater

My son and daughter performed a magic show for their grandfather whom they had not seen
in person for months because of the Pandemic. They have missed each other terribly. He kept
shouting, “I can’t believe it, this is wonderful, how are you doing this.” He was astonished. What you
taught them has already brightened one person’s life. Thank you.

-Mother of two Become a Magician, students



Give your patrons the opportunity to learn enough magic to do a thirty-minute performance. This self-guided course will teach you the tricks as well as the acting and storytelling skills to make your show truly entertaining. The props you have at home or can buy at your local drug store for a few dollars. Learn magic from a world famous magical couple who have performed in forty-five countries with their award winning organization, Magicians Without Borders.

This is not just for children, but for parents and grandparents who want to perform for their children and their friends; for a business person who wants to make a presentation more engaging and entertaining; or a teacher who wants to incorporate magic into their lessons. Lots of ways to use the magic you will learn.

What you get

We will build a personalized website for your library with the magic course that is easy to share with your patrons and easy to navigate. Click HERE to access a preview of what you will get.



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