Magic At Home for Big Audiences

If your are looking for our CORPORATE VERSION of this service please GO HERE

Thanks to many of our clients, we are now offering two types of MAGIC AT HOME services without leaving your home.
30-minute shows
45-minute workshops
We have seen how we are increasing the consumption of online services, which is why we are now offering this service with a cost that varies according to the number of connections (devices connected at the time of service). To celebrate birthdays, or to share with relatives who are far away and everyone can see the same show or participate in the workshop.

Here you will find our price table. Remember if you have any questions, please contact us at or whatsApp Carlos at +57 3004005013

Price table per connection

A connection = A device connected to the show / workshop regardless of how many people are watching on that device

You can purchase a product and tell us how many connections and we will send a link with the surplus

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