Virtual Corporate Magic Conferences, Shows and Workshops

At Magicians Without Borders we have worked hard to create virtual shows for corporate events and online meetings, we are very happy with the product that we’ve developed for corporate clients. We have designed engaging, INTERACTIVE and fun magic activities specially tailored for the virtual era. These activities can be done for a company wide event or for small teams, and can be delivered through any virtual communication platform. So if you are planning a year end event for your company, or a fun activity for your small team in your next meeting, we have got you covered.

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It’s time to enhance your virtual events with Virtual Corporate Magic Shows

Corporate Magical Keynote

This is an exclusive speaker service for corporate audiences, perfect for a day full of technical conferences where you need to add inspiration and motivation or if you need to break the pattern, or lighten the mood with an entertaining, engaging, moving, transformative and magical conference, we have two proven magical keynotes, each with a 1 hour duration for a flat fee of USD$2,500, regardless of the number of connections:

Tom Verner’s Magic far away from home: Tom delivers a heartfelt conference that talks about the genesis of Magicians Without Borders and why he started performing in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world. He shares his learning of more than 20 years reaching over 40 countries performing, according to UN estimates, for over 1’000,000 people.

Carlos López’ Think with Magic: Carlos delivers a conference that ignites creativity talking about the magic of innovation and how we can think differently (out of the box) sharing with the audience 6 main take always that you and your team can use right away to start thinking more creatively and innovatively in order to create a hopeful future. It’s a wonderful journey recounting the past 10 years of doing social work with magic tying it all together with learning on how to have a human approach to disruption that everyone can use.

Prime Corporate Virtual Magic Show

This show is specially designed for a corporate audience filled with amazing moments, it’ s a fun, LIVE, engaging and INTERACTIVE experience exclusively tailored for the virtual era. 

30 or 45 minutes: USD$950 regardless of the number of connections. 
1 hour: USD$1500 regardless of the number of connections.

Other options:

Basic Corporate Magic Show (30 min): You’ll participate and be a part of 30 minutes of magic promising amazement, wonder and smiles for the audience.
Basic Corporate Workshop (45 min): You’ll engage in a magic training session you’ll have access to knowing the secrets to 3 to 4 magic tricks where you will practice and learn from a professional magician with props you can find at home (or in a local drug store or online for very little).
Basic Corporate Combo: Show + Workshop (1:15): The two services combined for a wonderful evening or morning of fun entertainment plus engaged learning.
These are priced based on the number of connections with this table

We are an nonprofit that uses magic to create a just world full of possibilities in communities around the world, your entertainment will be helping our cause, we create magic schools in the slums of big cities, in South America, South Africa and India. In our shows we like to show case our students in a world class event. This aids their development, increasing their self worth and in turn helps them generate what they lack most, money. Thank you for considering us as your entertainment.

Differences between the options

  • First, target audience: 
    • Basic: More tailored to kids or family oriented magic. 
    • Prime: aimed more for an adult audience.
  • Second, interaction:  
    • Basic: Audience is engaged but magic performance does involve that much audience participation. 
    • Prime: We’ve designed experiences that the audience can experience at home with objects in their own hands as a truly interactive way.
  • Third, magicians participating
    • Basic: Show is mostly done by our graduated students (from 2 up to 4), with guidance of one professional magicians. 
    • Prime: In the show the MC is a professional magician who is also joined (depending on the length) by 1 or 2 other professional magicians from different parts of the world, plus we will showcase 1 or 2 of our students.

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